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My start with dogs began as a child.  I started with the mixed breeds of dogs we had.  But not only did I  train dogs at the age of 8 years old I also trained a 1/2 Arabian  1/2 Quarter Horse.  His name was Ky.  Pretty amazing to have a book in one had and a horse in the other.  My challenge also included training cats.  Our Siamese cats were awfully smart. I have trained Kuvaszok, Irish Wolfhounds, Norwegian Elkhound, and Australian Terriers.  Planning a breeding definitely takes a great deal of planning.  It takes into account, inteliggence, attitude, comformation, health of dogs and their past parents which considers the above if you can possible get that information.  Raising the puppies is very demanding since socialization, and molding
these to be the best dog ever.  There are so many critical periods which the puppies go through.  Super Dogs are Made and not Born.   and not born.  
Member of the Australian Terrier Club of America since 1972.
Served as Board of Directors for the Australian Terrier Club of America.  
Instructed obedience Classes in Miles City, Montana in  1994.  
Member of the  Walla Walla Kennel Club from 1997-2008. 
Secretary of the Walla Walla Kennel Club from  2001 -2004.  
Member of the Rapid City Kennel Club from 2009 - present
​4 H assistant Leader in Rapid City 2012 - present.
Titles by Aussies owned by Mary E.  Freeman:  
Can. Ch. Yaralla's Kristy Kween, Can CD, Amer. CD;: Can.Ch. Blackstump Gin
Can. Ch. Zantoka's Alinda
Amer and Can. Ch. Zantoka's Exuberant Jacob, CD, CDX.
Crestwood's Blue Rose, CD, CDX
Amer. Ch. Zantoka's Hopeful Heartbeat, CD, CDX
Feathertops' Blue Barry, CD, CDX
Zantoka's  Redoubt Iris, CD, CDX, NA
Amer. Ch. Zantoka's Star Buck, CD, RN-   Zantoka's Quiet Quota, CD
Zantoka Dream Sky, CD, RN, BN
Amer. Ch. Ofelia Digger, CD
Amer. Ch. Zantoka's Kitty Kat Kyra, CD
Amer. Ch. Zantoka's O'Grady Oreo Cookie
Amer. Ch. Zantoka's Christmas Angel, RN, BN, CD
Amer. Ch. Zantoka Kyra Herald Angel, RN 
​Amer. Ch. Shastakin Cinnamon Fern, RN
Amer. Ch. Redwing Licensed to Thrill, RN
Amer. Ch. Zantoka Just Cool RedBoy 
Amer. Ch. Zantoka Little Scarlett O'Hara, RN
Amer. Ch. Zantoka New Derby
Amer. Ch. Znatoka Morning Turffle, RN, CD. 
Amer. Ch. Auraluen Everlasting Blue Salvia
 Amer. Zantoka Kyra Angel Hope, RN, BN, CD
Zantoka Morning Sun, RN, BN, 
Amer. Ch. Zantoka precious Recees


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